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         The all in one, user-                      A tailored-fit                        Made for contact

         friendly inventory                            software                      tracing with statistics
         software system that                 development system                        reporting: census,

         has pack full of                       specially made and                            career status,
         features. Works with                    designed for that                           contact tracing

         all of your devices                       specific client.                                  location.
         (PC, Mac, tablets,

         smart phones)

                            Specially made for                     The innovative way
                            pharmacies and                         to track your latest

                            medical supply                         cash on hand with
                            business. Efficiently                     just a click of a

                            improves workflow,                     button. Perfect for
                            increases profits and                  entrepreneurs who

                            lowers operating                       have multiple bank
                            costs, while allowing                      accounts and

                            you more time with                       allocated funds
                            the essential matters

                            at hand.

                                                                                               Pa|e 5

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